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Located 58 kilometers south of Port Sudan. She derived her name from several legendary stories dating back to the reign of King Solomon and Belqis, Queen of Sheba and the Beja
Swakin is an ancient historical city built on an island surrounded by a wall that opened five gates to control the entrants and exits. The most famous of them is the gate of Kushnarab, east of Sudan, linking the island to the coast, a bridge and two miles from the island.
Sawakin buildings are built of coral stones and the beauty of inscriptions, design and overall appearance. Suakin was the headquarters of the Beja kings and the most important ports of the Red Sea, an important commercial center and a port for pilgrims to Mecca and Hejaz after the decline of Izb (Swakin old) at the beginning of the fifteenth century.
When the port of Port Sudan was built in 1905, Swakin was destroyed and a new port was opened in 1991 to accommodate passenger and cargo ships. There are daily buses and buses between Port Sudan and Suakin. Sawakin can be visited and retu on the same day.
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It is a coral island with a lighthouse to guide the ships away from the port of Port Sudan about 25 km east and is full of coral reefs and fish, especially sharks, octopus and dolphins and the island is one of the most beautiful diving areas in the world
A tourist village about 50 km north of Port Sudan was built as a base for diving and underwater photography
A ship sinking in the Red Sea, coral reefs began to build around the ship and became one of the most beautiful diving and underwater photography
Erquit Resort Ocoma is called Paradise of the East, and nature is blessed with a very temperate and enchanting weather in the summer. It is truly one of the most beautiful tourist areas. Arquette is characterized by rainfall during the winter and summer periods, so it is fertile ground for the growth of different tree species. The weather is moderate most of the year. The temperature is 35 degrees Celsius, but winter is cold
It is truly one of the most beautiful tourist areas in Sudan. The mountains are lined with mountains of varying heights, providing comfort and tranquility. The town of Arquette lies 205 kilometers west of Port Sudan. It is 29 kilometers from the Red Sea coast.
Arquette is characterized by its own folk products, and the most famous handicrafts are women's silver, copper and swords
Unstable islands
There are many islands not frequented by the Red Sea, the most important island of Umm al-Qarush, northeast of Potsdam, which fishermen believe it is the shelter of sharks, especially the females when breeding, the island of Mekor there are some sheep that have been coined and there are many islands with distinctive coral reefs of different types of fish The birds have tourist sandbags.
There are also islands in the south of the state up to the region of Ras Qasar on the Sudanese-Eritrean border, including the island of Erie and Ben Abbas in retu for Aqiq and the island of Kalafih opposite the area of ​​Adopna


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