Tourism in PortSudan

Image Tourism in PortSudan Almuhajir Travel & Tourism Agency
Incorporated: 12 September 2001
Headquarters: West of Almoghtaribein Organ Premises.
Concession: Inteational Aviation Transport Association (IATA) member
Agency Activity:
Main Umra Tour Operator since 1421 H
Main Hajj Tour Operator
Air travel reservation and issue of tickets covering all airlines active in the Sudan
Sea travel reservation and issue of tickets at special prices.
Reception of official delegations
Opening of lounges at arrival terminals for whoever desires.
Transportation of travelers in coordination with Almuhajir Limousine.
Distinct hotel service (Almuhajir Towers for Fuished Flats- 15 St.  Amarat. Khartoum)
Regional and inteational tourism services.
A: Operation of tourism trips countrywide that covers:
-          Archeological sites
-          Sixth Cataract area (Elsabaloga)
-          Dinder National Park
-          Red Sea Coast
-          Birds &wildlife animals hunt trips
-          Nile Cruising picnics at different seasons    of different  levels.
B-        Operation of   Abroad Tourism & Scientific Trips in cooperation with major companies in the following countries:
        Egypt. Morocco, Turkey, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates.
        Shortly: United Kingdom, Oman Sultanate and Ethiopia.
Should you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us via:
Phones: 0912209555    , 0912145002        E-mail:


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