Almuhajir for Abroad Labor Recruitment

Almuhajir for Abroad Labor Recruitment Almuhajir owns and agency involved in external recruitment which is an agent of the Saudi Arabia Embassy in Khartoum for the following activities: Employment contracts, “Contract processing and visas sorting out”. Corporate and private visit visas The above agency, ...


Investment Department

Investment Department    The department operates effectively and efficiently for the purpose of investing expatriates savings, developing of different profitable centers through increasing of resources, transfer of modern technology and continued enhancing of investment operations and services such ...


Almuhajir Limousine Section

Almuhajir Limousine Section Almuhajir Limousine One of Almuhajir International Investment Group established in 1996 as the first ever business name operating in the field in the Sudan. Almuhajir Limousine works efficiently and effectively through its assorted and unique fleet of vehicles. Limousine Services: Our ...



Insurance   Company is the agent of Alsalama Co. for Insurance, and has put in place a section for handling the insurance business, which is currently involved in implementation of different types of insurance that cover:: 1. Automobiles:         a. ...


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