Sudanese Automobile And Touring Club (SATC)

Sudanese Automobile And Touring Club (SATC) Sudanese Automobile And Touring Club (SATC) Member of Federation of Inteational De La Automobile (FIA) Member of Alliance Inteational De Tourism (AIT) Member of Arab Council for Tourism &Automobile Clubs (ACTAC)   The Sudanese AutomobileAnd Touring Club (SATC) was ...



Insurance   Company is the agent of Alsalama Co. for Insurance, and has put in place a section for handling the insurance business, which is currently involved in implementation of different types of insurance that cover:: 1. Automobiles:         a. ...


Investment Department

Investment Department    The department operates effectively and efficiently for the purpose of investing expatriates savings, developing of different profitable centers through increasing of resources, transfer of modern technology and continued enhancing of investment operations and services such ...


Tourism in Sawaken

Tourism in Sawaken SwakinLocated 58 kilometers south of Port Sudan. She derived her name from several legendary stories dating back to the reign of King Solomon and Belqis, Queen of Sheba and the BejaSwakin is an ancient historical city built on an island surrounded by a wall that opened five gates to ...


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